Properly trained. Fit for the world. – Part 2

In the previous article, you remember, I stated that a career at Krones not only sounds good, but actually is good. Of course, I wanted to personally confirm this, and asked eight young trainees and students what exactly it is that they do at Krones:

Teresa Ehl, 26, company student at Human Resources, apprentice- and traineeship

“I’ve always been interested in the field of human resources. And my current remit as a company student at Krones has also reaffirmed my intention to specialise in this field after graduating. Because I’m responsible for the job application process involving trainees and interns, I mainly come into contact with my peer group. This I find particularly enjoyable, because I find it easy to identify with them when I sort through their job applications, agree job interviews and draw up employment contracts.”

Andreas Brandl, 21, qualifying as a euro-business specialist

“Languages have always been my ruling passion, which is why training as a euro-business specialist at Krones was just the right thing for me. So far, I’ve had spells with a variety of different departments like Logistics, Purchasing, or Sales, which has helped to familiarise me with the company. In addition to my training, I’m also doing a correspondence degree course in business administration, which is offered and also supported by Krones. I’m particularly happy to have been offered a permanent job in sales after completing my training.”

Anna Ruppert, 24, intern in Research and Development

“As a student of brewing and beverage technology, it didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to do an internship at the world’s market leader in this field. In the Research and Development Department, I am granted the autonomy to examine beverage filling lines and dosing systems myself. What’s more, together with my mentor I’m involved in developing new processes, and allowed to contribute my own ideas. Thanks to my remit, I don’t work only in the office, but at the actual machines as well, so I additionally learn a lot from the mechanics too.”

Michael Lingl, 27, company student at Human Resources and Social Affairs

“As a company student, I support the assistant to the Human Resources Manager here at Krones. This includes en administrative tasks like placing purchase orders or planning human resources events and ongoing projects I’m involved in. Despite defined tasks, every day is different, and often I have to deal with something unexpected, which makes my everyday work even more exciting. I also particularly appreciate the huge amount of confidence and responsibility I’m given.”

Sandra John, 18, trainee in Profile 21

“I signed up for Profile 21 directly after completing secondary. One of the programme’s huge advantages is this: besides basic training as an electronics engineer, I’m also receiving advanced training as a technician. What’s good about my chosen career is that the field of electronics is continually evolving, and you never stop learning if you want to stay abreast of the latest advances. So it never gets boring – especially in regard to the postings abroad in store for me.”

Dominik Schandri, 23, trainee in Profile 21

“Actually, I’m a qualified social insurance executive. So I’m all the more delighted that at Krones you get an opportunity as a lateral entrant. I opted for a training course in Profile 21, because it’s a combination of basic training in electronics and advanced training to qualify as a technician, something that only Krones offers. I’m also attracted by the prospect of being frequently deployed abroad later on, and in contrast to holidays getting to know how people actually live in other countries.”

Antonia Fisch, 19, sandwich-course student

After technical college, I had to decide whether I wanted to go to university or signup for vocational training. Ultimately, I opted for a sandwich course in business engineering combined with training as a mechatronics specialist. I thus found an optimal middle way for my needs between theory and practice. At the moment, I’m doing my basic training here in the plant at Krones, and next semester I shall be starting my course at university. During the vacations, I then continue with my vocational training.”

Artem Ugnivenko, 26, intern at Corporate Communications, Creations

“Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved drawing, which is why I wanted a career where I could use my creativity. I decided to study communication design, and am now doing my practical semester at Krones as a media designer. Here, I can give full rein to my creativity when designing flyers, layouts, illustrations and graphics,, and contribute my own artistic style. I’m also very grateful that the creative process is left to me myself, which isn’t something you can necessarily take for granted in a large company.”