Properly trained. Fit for the world. – Part 1

Down to earth, but at the same time a globally operating corporation? What sounds contradictory works pretty well at Krones. Because although as a company we’re distributed all over the world, and as the market leader are always on top of the latest trends, the Krones family stands for mutually supportive solidarity. And that’s precisely what offers young people, in particular, optimum opportunities for career advancement.

From the lecture hall to the machine, in a single day

“It can’t hurt if besides your degree course you also learn something useful.” We concur, which is why we offer sandwich-course arrangements. What’s special about them is this: here, an academic degree course is combined with hands-on vocational training, and after 4.5 years leads to not one, but two professional qualifications. And if that still does not suffice, there’s always an option for gaining international experience in a semester or internship abroad as well. So multi-tracking is permitted here too.

In the fast lane to qualify as a technician

Apropos multi-tracking: if you sign up for Profile 21, you’re also killing two birds with one stone: because this provides training as an electronics specialist plus a technician or master craftsman in mechatronics all in one. And this is a genuinely fast-lane option: the graduates are on average 21 years old. And who can claim to be a technician or a master craftsman at the tender age of 21? Even better: because during their training our profilers are already deployed at clients’ facilities worldwide, even the keenest of wanderlust is satisfied.

Hola, ¿qué tal?

We are a globally operating company. Which is why our company needs not only technical experts, but also talented linguists. Euro-business specialists form the links to our subsidiaries and clients abroad. And we need them to be thoroughly qualified: at vocational college, the principal focus lies on the commercial languages of English, French and Spanish. But as all language-learners will confirm: learning by doing is best. The trainees accordingly spend several weeks in one of our subsidiaries in Brussels, Manchester or Barcelona.

Scoring in terms of experience

Whether it’s mechanical engineering, human resources or corporate communications, whether it’s a mandatory internship, a voluntary internship, or a company student slot, whether it’s in Germany or abroad – the options are well-nigh unlimited. Students, too, can get a taste of the corporate environment at Krones, and spice up their everyday lives with a regular income. What could be better than scoring highly with practical experience at your very first job application?

Sounds good? Well, it is!

And who’s behind all these training options? I’m certainly not going to be boring you with a lot of meaningless verbiage: which is why in the next article I will be introducing you to eight young people who will be revealing what they do Krones.