Please don’t wake me, I’m pinning!

5:00 a.m. – My alarm clock rings. My alarm clock is my smartphone. I grope for it on my bedside table, and from that moment on everything proceeds quite automatically. Alarm off – Pinterest on. I scroll through the pins, do my re-pins, look at pinboards, and post my likes, while I stretch, rub my eyes, and begin a leisurely start to the day. Stop – check the time: it’s 5:20 – where have all those minutes gone?

It’s the same ritual every weekday – why do I find it so difficult to get up? Am I addicted? To Pinterest? There’s really no need for me to get involved with Pinterest. Although I have almost no followers, just 109 hardened loyalists, I’ve nevertheless posted more than 1,200 pins. What on Earth is the matter with me?

I can tell you what’s the matter with me. You see, I found an explanation in some graphics from Leverage Media: I’m a woman! 68 per cent of all Pinterest users are female. And Pinterest has long since gone way beyond being a marginal phenomenon – the platform meanwhile has more than 70 million hyperactive users worldwide. According to Netzökonom ( the current 750 million pinboards will soon number a whole lot more. Online shops, in particular, are using Pinterest as a source of traffic. On Krones’ pinboards, we’re noticing that it’s primarily craft brewers, wine fans, packaging experts and recycling/DIY aficionados who tend to appreciate our pins. And while in the USA, according to Netzökonom, one in five people is already an enthusiastic pinner, users in Germany are a bit thinner on the ground.

InstagramBut that doesn’t really signify. I took to it only gradually as well. On my first day at Krones, I took a quick look at the Pinterest channel and thought to myself: “Who on Earth needs that? No one!” – Just to be on the safe side, I set up a channel of my own – there’s no harm in getting yourself familiarised a bit, but I didn’t want any closer ties with Pinterest. Instagram, I just loved it, in the office I found content from Krones fans, and in my private life, too, I could easily spend hours on it – and with significantly more feedback. On Instagram, I can showcase my monumentally exciting life and track my friends’ eating habits. I was hooked immediately. But at first I couldn’t really see any enhanced added value in re-pinning links and photos on Pinterest.

For Krones, I dutifully filled up the Pinterest channel, but I didn’t really warm to it. For months. Then came a revelatory experience: I wanted to go to the hairdresser’s. Back then we had a student trainee called Ines, who spent a whole snack break giving me exhaustive advice of the technicalities of hairdressing. At some point, the crucial sentence was uttered: “Tell you what, just follow my hairdo pinboard on Pinterest, you’re bound to find something you like there!” And it was true: I found a hairdo, went to the hairdresser’s, tapped the pin on my smartphone and: “That’s what I want!” From that moment onwards, I was hooked. Not only had I found a new (and excellent) hairdo – no, I was free forever from newspaper cuttings, favourites listings, bookmarks, and scribbled post-it notes. I could simply pin everything I never wanted to forget on my Pinterest pin-boards. I planned my wedding with Pinterest, I’m furnishing my dream house on Pinterest, and pondering which yoga-asana I want to learn next. I’ve got a new jacket? I indubitably got the idea from Pinterest!

Pinterest Krones machineI sing the praises of Pinterest to everyone who can’t run away fast enough. Not least the defenceless Krones channel. My own Pinterest addiction, you see, does not suffice me – I need to get everyone else addicted too. Female interns  are intentionally targeted for prioritised proselytisation, and are frenziedly posting on the Krones channel. Meanwhile we’ve got almost 2,000 people following us on Pinterest, and this is just the beginning! Because our goals are ambitious ones: we aim to find all DIY tinkering ideas for PET bottles, all home-brewing tips and all discussions of craft beers. And we have plenty more dreams on Pinterest: we want to put together our dream brewery, for instance!

And that’s precisely what’s so quintessentially distinctive: this your-dreams-can-come-true element, which on a day full of appointment reminders and routine tasks I often neglect. This, I suppose, is why I’m so susceptible to it after getting up in the mornings. I can enjoy a gentle transition from sleep to full wakefulness when I pin together a couple of rooms in my dream house. And then I go to my office and tinker for five minutes with my dream brewery, with recycling ideas and with wine tips. I do not, by the way, wish to be distracted by quotidian reality here, because 25 minutes or so of early-morning daydreaming are everyone’s natural right.

Pinterest -  My dream brewery