Perfect organisation for the flow of goods

More diversity, more speed and more transparency: The aim of an automated inventory management system is to quickly pick customised orders from an entire product range and to pack these orders in the best possible way – and to do this without the need for any operating personnel at all. Automatic picking systems usually also have no problems at all dealing with large numbers of completely different product and packaging types, and they adapt to the dynamics of the market in the process.

This is why in the group’s organisational matrix Krones has ensured that holistic systems can be created independently of the strategies in place for logistics and IT in the production facility concerned.

In each project, the warehousing technology involved is selected and customised individually: irrespective of whether a manual, semi-automated or fully automated warehouse is needed, Krones supplies the appropriate solution. This also applies to the software package best suited to the requirement concerned, since depending on how the IT landscape in the company is designed both SAP modules and Krones’ own software applications developed in-house can be used. The corporate capabilities cover conception, planning and implementation all the way through to after-sales service support.

Italian specialist for intralogistics within the Krones Group


System Logistics is a leading vendor of innovative solutions for intralogistics, material flow technology and inventory management – and has since 2016 been a member of the Krones Group.

In the past, the company had already installed some of the world’s largest automated warehousing systems for the soft-drinks and brewing industries. Its competence lies in the planning and design of fully automated warehousing, order-picking and material flow systems with high-speed feeders, conveyors, and automated-guided-vehicles systems.

At the drinktec 2017 you can find the System Logistics experts and their technologies at the Krones booth in Hall B6.