People at Krones – Nicole Weinzierl

With approximately 30,000 visitors from 60 different countries, the INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA 2013 came to an end on Saturday. Nicole Weinzierl was on the spot for four days, and here is a brief report from her:

Ms Weinzierl, why was the Intervitis a success for Krones?

The fair was a success because the feedback from the customers was exceptionally positive. For our visitors from the surrounding region, particularly, but also from abroad, the Intervitis Interfructa is an excellent platform for finding out more about Krones and Kosme. We welcomed numerous customers from the wine and fruit-juice sectors especially.

How was the stand at the fair received by the customers?

In the first three days, particularly, we had a lot of visitors at our stand, who were optimally hosted and advised by our sales team there. Nor should we forget to mention the catering: our customers enjoyed some delicious local wine specialties, for example.

With the Kosme Combicol and the Kosme Primafill, Krones showcased two ideal machines for the wine industry.  What sort of feedback did you get from our customers for these two exhibits?

These exhibits were extremely well received! Both the machines meet the particular needs of customers like wine producers in terms of size and output.

Will we be seeing Krones and Kosme again in Stuttgart in 2016?

I’m counting on it. An Intervitis Interfructa without Krones and Kosme? That would really be a loss for the fair.