People at Krones – Kyung-Hyun Yoo

Only continuous advanced training will guarantee optimum service support. At Krones, we take advanced training for our staff and our clients into our own hands. Last year, the Krones Academy trained 14,000 people worldwide. The courses on offer, though, are not only for our customers – our staff,  too, receive intensive training. The instructors at the Aftersales Training Centre, which offers internal courses for service technicians, last year provided more than 1,000 service training courses. Also among the participants were 80 service technicians who have qualified at the facility in Neutraubling specifically as experts in inspection technology.

The Korean service technician Kyung-Hyun Yoo has in the past two months been doing basic training on the Chekmat at the facility in Neutraubling. He has been trained on the “DART” system by a qualified instructor. Kyung-Hyun Yoo has been with Krones for a year now, at Krones Korea Ltd., South Korea. With support from long-serving technicians in the region, Kyung-Hyun Yoo will be able to acquire more hands-on experience at our clients.

Mr Yoo, what made you pick Krones?

I liked the corporate culture at Krones. In my current job, I have a lot more freedoms than I would in a comparable position at a Korean firm. The corporate culture in Korea tends to be strict and tightly focused on the firm involved. I’m an inquisitive sort of person, and at Krones this is encouraged. In my job, I encounter electronic challenges at many different customers, and that’s what I like.

You’re now being trained by Krones in Neutraubling. What do you think of the training?

This is my first time in Germany, you know, and my first time with service training at the Aftersales Training Centre. Right from the start, I liked the basic concept of the “Checkmat” course. Because of the technical requirements involved, inspection technology is very complex for us service technicians. So we were primarily trained in how to deal with the hardware components. And as the course proceeded, we also came to understand how they interact with the software. The training is very intensive, and lasts two months. The participants get a lot of practical work to do, and can count on immediate help if they have any questions or problems. What I also like is that the participants come from all over the world, so you have an opportunity for plenty of discussions and mutual feedback. I know, of course, that in the future, if any critical situations arise I will be assisted by my instructor and by the Aftersales 2nd  Level Support System. I’ve now received so many interesting documents, and my new knowledge has also been tested – so I’m really motivated when after training I go out in the field to the clients.

You’ve been in Germany for almost two months now. What do you like most about Germany, and what do you miss about Korea?

In Korea, there’s a motto you hear all day, every day: “Pali-Pali – as soon as possible”, which is why everyday life in Korea can be rather hectic. In Germany, one of the things I like best is that the traffic runs so quietly, no one is tailgating, and almost nobody is honking their horn. I’ve already made lots of new friends here, and settled in nicely. Nonetheless, I miss my girlfriend and the Korean food.