People at Krones – Holger Beckmann

It’s the people who give Krones its human face – and it’s the stories of these people at Krones, conveniently abbreviated, that we shall be telling in our blog. This week, Holger Beckmann, President and CEO at Krones Inc., is visiting Krones in Germany. Krones Inc. was founded in the USA in 1966, as the very first subsidiary of Krones AG. Holger Beckmann started off working for Krones AG and moved to the USA in 2005.

Herr Beckmann, what’s the corporate ethos of Krones Inc.?

What makes Krones Inc. strong is that here everyone’s taken on board the seamless synergies between new machines and after-sales support. We see ourselves as “One Krones” and tackle all our challenges as a united team – in terms of new machines, LCS and service. Another major plus at Krones Inc. is that we can rely on our long-serving, mutually supportive and experienced staff. Their empirically acquired expertise, their familiarity with our clients, and their intimate knowledge of the market combine to give the company its key capabilities.

Can you give us an idea of what happens on one of your visits to Germany?

I come to Germany on business three or four times a year. Sometimes, you see, it’s better to talk things over face to face – and not just over the phone or by mail. I meet up with colleagues from the various specialist departments involved, and rush from one appointment to another. I often combine my visits with attending high-level meetings or conferences on issues like strategy. And after one of these working days in Germany, inevitably, the day-to-day business in America is still waiting for me – because of the time difference.

Why do you like working for Krones?

I’ve been with Krones for more than ten years now, and during this time I’ve come to understand the company’s strengths. Krones is able to cope admirably with changes on its chosen market, thanks not least to its corporate culture of “togetherness”. What’s more, Krones is successfully maintaining its top position on what is a very stable market, sustained as it is by foods and beverages. This means Krones offers me exciting prospects here and now – and in the future as well. And with my commercial and engineering qualifications, I really like working in an environment where high-tech products are created – like at Krones.