People at Krones – Francesco Marini

At trade fair – it is all about people interacting with each other. Francesco Marini, Sales Manager, is for Kosme at the Krones/Kosme booth Intervitis Show in Hall 7 C 60.

Mister Marini we are here next to an exhibit piece at the Krones Booth here at Intervitis. What kind of machine is this?

Marini: Kosme is showcasing a rinser-filler-closer monobloc here. This bloc is particularly well suited for bottling still and sparkling liquid products like wine, beer, carbonated softdrinks, fruit juices, spirits or water in both glass and PET containers in the medium output range.

What’s so special about the Primafill?

Thanks to simple, continuous product transport during the filling process, the Kosme Primafill filler operates with exceptional dependability, and can be relied upon to preserve the product’s original quality. Krones’ field-proven VKPV-CF-AL filling valves are used as the filling system ensuring the outmost reliability especially in terms of accuracy and oxygen pick-up.

That sounds like the machine was pretty easy to handle..

That’s so true – and it even includes cleaning and maintenance.  The modularised base, with an inclined Tabletec tabletop, ensures optimised hygiene and facilitates maintenance and cleaning work for the operator, since dirt-trapping corners are avoided where the product might collect. For quick and easy change-overs, the filler is fitted with adjustable starwheels.