People at Krones – Florian Troidl

Yesterday an apprentice, today a skilled specialist, tomorrow the drinktec. The last four (almost) years have given Florian Troidl a flying start to his career. But he has no time to rest on his laurels – the next highlight in the 20-year-old’s diary is the drinktec in September. The challenge and the anticipation are equally great, especially as he’s just completed his training and is a fully-paid-up member of the trade fair team.

Florian, what does it mean to you that you’re going to the drinktec?

I’m looking forward to this job enormously. The fair is the biggest thing around. As an amateur footballer, I would describe it as the “Champions League of the beverage industry”. And quite honestly: I’m hugely proud that I’ve been chosen as part of the team.

It’s obvious you’re really looking forward to it. Have you already been able to gain any experience at trade fairs?

Yes. While I was training as a mechatronic specialist, I went to two major trade fairs. It was very exciting to travel to Milan and to Paris with my colleagues. The difference between this and training back at the company itself is huge. Suddenly, you’re out in the field, in direct contact with the customers. Everything has to go according to plan, and you have to make sure nothing goes wrong. It was a really great feeling that people had this confidence in me. I’m still proud that I was given a chance so quickly to put what I’d learned into practice.

Direct contact with clients for the first time  – be honest: how nervous were you?

Not all that much, actually. Shortly beforehand, my heart was beating a little bit faster. When the curtain went up and I, the trainee, explained and presented the machine to a visitor in French, the nervousness quickly disappeared. It’s the same again now. It’s obvious that everyone’s looking forward to the drinktec and that it’s something really special to take part in it yourself.

What sort of work are you doing at the moment? 

The planning work is in full swing. We’re putting our trade fair machines together, packing them, and committing to memory how they work and precisely what the operator has to do at each machine. Quite simply, everything has to go smoothly; after all, we’ve got a whole lot of machines to look after. Now that I’ve completed my training, and I’m a fully-paid-up member of the fair team, that’s an extra bit of responsibility. I’m a qualified specialist now, so people have stopped saying “that’s an apprentice” – an additional incentive for me to do my job properly.

What’s the atmosphere like in your team now that the big day is fast approaching?

The atmosphere is brilliant. I feel completely at home with them. It was a huge stroke of luck for me to end up in the trade fair team during my training. I realised there that this is what I’m good at and what I enjoy doing. I get up every morning looking forward to going to work again, and quite simply I’m proud to be working for Krones.