People at Krones – Herbert Kruger

At trade fair –it is all about people interacting with each other. Herbert Kruger, Area Sales Director, is for Krones at the Intervitis Show in Hall 7 C 60.

Mister Kruger, tell us something about the machines at the Krones Booth.

Kruger: One example is the Kosme Combicol: one labeller for two applications – Combining hotmelt labelling with cold-glue labelling, cold-glue with pressure-sensitive labels, pressure-sensitive labels with hotmelt dress – the Kosme Combicol makes it all possible.

What’s special about the Combicol?

The Combicol is a versatile labeller,  which is particularly persuasive in the low to mid output range due to its superb cost-performance ratio.

Superb cost -performance ratio? That sounds interesting..

The option to  run several different labelling technologies on a single machine creates significant additional benefits for the users. First, they save both space and capital investment costs for the line, because now only one instead of possibly two machines need to be installed. Moreover, the Combicol enables containers with different shapes, sizes and types of labels to be applied.

Is the Combicol just available for Wine?

No, the Combicol is ideally  for dressing containers of wine, spirits, beer, water, soft drinks, as well as  cosmetics and cleaning detergents.