Passion, bonding, team spirit

Ines Krassow has a passion: the internet where she blogs and tweets and is a lively presence on Facebook and Co. With an internship in Krones AG’s social media team, she turned her passion into a career experience. I asked Ines to tell us what benefits she has gained from her internship and her time as a student trainee.

Ines3“Hello, my name is Ines Krassow, and for more than a year I was part of the Krones family. Actually, I’m studying British literature and culture at Regensburg University, and will be writing my thesis next summer.

In August 2012, I started as an intern in the Social Media Team of Corporate Communications at Krones AG. I was inspired by my passion for online media and by Krones AG’s impressive successes in B2B online marketing. For two months, I was able to help in creating Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ contributions and join with my colleagues in thinking up ideas for new posts.

I learned a lot of new things, and in line with my own particular interests I also had an opportunity to sample other remits as well. For example, I was able to look over the shoulders of the video team when they were shooting a training film, conduct interviews, and also take a few photos myself. I was part of the team right from the start, and was never treated as a “mere” intern. So it was all the sadder for me when my internship was over after just two short months.
I liked working at Corporate Communications so much straight away that after my internship I supported the imaging group two days a week as a student trainee. There, I helped to fill the company’s image database with photos, tag them with keywords, and archive them. And in my final week I got to go to the drinktec in Munich, which was a major highlight for me.

Ines2The fair is gigantic, and particularly when you’ve seen beforehand just how much organisational work goes into every part of it, it’s incredibly exciting. As far as I’m concerned the best thing about Krones was the team spirit. In my opinion, what’s important about a dream job is not so much what you do, it’s more the people you do it with. When you get to like your colleagues so much that every week you’re looking forward to going to work, then you can really think yourself lucky. And that was the case with me.

I left Krones not sure whether to laugh or cry, because even though before I graduate there are other exciting challenges waiting for me, I shall miss the bonding and the team spirit. This is why I hope that after finishing my thesis I can come back next summer for kick-starting my career in the familial environment of Krones AG.”