Part of Krones Taicang: My experiences as a trainee


As market leader, one of Krones most important aims is that we always involve the customer to build highly customized products. At the same time we never stop improving our service to our customers. So closeness to the customer is our task and goal at the same time.

And I’ve got the opportunity to support Krones in reaching its aims. How am I doing that? As a Start Up International Trainee – in my position as assembly coordinator at Krones Taicang.

Start up means that I am building up the new local assembly system for our new facility from the very beginning: including the qualified employees, the local operating process, the equipment and even the infrastructure.

And why international? Well, because during this building process the greatest challenge for me is the difference between China and Germany. In many ways, we can’t just simply copy and paste what we already have in Germany. Coordination and smooth communication between our Chinese and German BPE (Business Unit Bottling and Packaging Equipment) teams are important, so that both sides can benefit from learning from each other.

At this year’s CBB in October our customers will have the possibility to witness the results for the first time. Because where else, if not at the largest liquid food trade show in Asia and one of the top platforms for the exchange and communication among the world liquid industry communities.

New products, new facility, new team. All these together build the bright future of Krones in China. And I’m really proud to be part of this team.