Online shopping made easy


8 o’clock on a Friday evening. Idly channel-surfing on the TV, sitting slumped on the sofa, and suddenly you find yourself doing it again: you’re on your smartphone/tablet, logged on to the internet, and browsing in various online shops. The latest collection has just appeared, and of course you’re keen to bring yourself and your wardrobe up to the very latest trends in cutting-edge fashion. Perhaps, though, you’re comparing for the 3rd time the prices of the latest smart TV, which you can already imagine proudly installed on the shelf in front of you.

Here you can see that the “online shop” model is known to most of us from our private lives, in more of a B2C (Business to Customer) context. Probably every single one of us has already visited the websites of the internet giants like Amazon, Zalando, eBay etc. at one time or another.

Meanwhile, however, firms in the B2B (Business to Business) environment have also realised that it no longer suffices to interface with your customers only through the traditional channels, like telephone or email. Modern-day presentation of your products is nowadays just as much part of clients’ expectations as their anyway exacting standards applying to quality and service support. 24 hours availability at every facility worldwide, and immediate information on the products, are the salient features of every online shop.

Krones knows this too, and has set itself to offer its clients and even better and more intuitive purchasing experience.

Since the go-live of the Online Shop in November 2014, online business has been gaining progressively in perceived importance for Krones as a globally operating group of companies. This steadily expanding operation is already a fixed constituent of Krones’ global digitisation strategy.

In almost all of Europe, Client can nowadays already order their spares parts and pre-owned machines, training courses and special offers through the shop, in accordance with strict data protection guidelines. The other continents are already set to follow suit.



Curious? 🙂 You can find our shop at the following address: