Once there was one, now there are two

“You’re lucky you’re starting out with us just after the new canteen opened.” I heard that quite often on my first day at Krones. It was opened on September 7, you see, a week before I began my internship.

At first I wondered what my colleagues meant. But meanwhile I’ve certainly realised.

The new company restaurant at the facility in Neutraubling is located along Borsigstrasse in Building 6.5, the former Berri Building. The basic thinking behind creating a second company canteen was that the original restaurant was quite simply too small for so many would-be guests. My colleagues have confirmed this to me themselves, when they told me what it was like in the already-existing canteen, especially on curry-sausage days.

So following several refurbishments and extensions to the canteen in 8.2, it was decided to build a new one, in addition to the original premises. The result is most definitely impressive. A total area of about 900 square metres accommodates 170 square metres of cooking and serving zones, plus seating for 165 people. The canteen is decorated in creamy and earthy colours, and is divided into different areas by varying the furniture styles involved. This decor was designed to make the room look simultaneously modern and nevertheless cosily inviting, which in my opinion it most certainly does.

At lunchtime, the canteen is open between 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. You can choose between two main courses, and there’s a salad bar as well. In addition to the main courses, it offers fruit, soups, yoghurts, pastries and desserts, like blancmange. And if you feel hungry outside the lunch break, you can fetch a small mid-morning snack, and for a sustaining afternoon bite there are vending machines available in the canteen.

Overall, the newly built company restaurant seems to be very popular. The number of guests has already exceeded all expectations in the first few weeks, much to the gratification of everyone concerned, of course.

I myself am meanwhile a daily guest in the 6.5 canteen. As an intern at CC, I have the company restaurant directly in the same building. So it’s true what everyone says. I have really been lucky.