Of Leberkäs and pretzels


It’s almost six months ago now that I began my internship at Krones in Product Management. Taking Bavarian customs fully on board, I’ve successfully integrated “Servus” (“Hi”) and “Mahlzeit” (“Enjoy your meal”) into my everyday vocabulary. Leberkäs (similar to meat loaf rolls) and pretzels meanwhile even rank among my staple foods. But now I can count down my remaining hours at work on the fingers of both hands. And what everyone told me came true: “The six months will go by so fast you won’t believe it”. And in fact … I didn’t believe it and now I’m sitting here and trying to write about my internship, which seems to have been as short as a weekend mostly feels.

I can still remember vividly when from mid-December the Christmas spirit began to take hold and the Christmas markets were crowded with people looking for presents to buy and mulled wine to drink. At Krones, too, there was a huge amount to get done, because as the end of the year was fast approaching everyone wanted to clear their desks so as to be able to switch off completely over the Christmas break, and open their presents serenely under the Christmas tree. But just let your attention wander for a bit and – wham! January and February have already been and gone, and it’s probably not even six months before the first Advent calendars for next Christmas will be on sale in the supermarkets. By then, though, I shall no longer be here in Neutraubling, but back at home in Aachen. Nonetheless, I shall definitely be thinking of my colleagues quite often, and recalling my experiences here at Krones.

“Filled” with new knowledge about Krones’ portfolio, and the various filling technologies behind it, about beer filling or the aseptic filling of dairy products, about market trends and new developments, I shall be leaving Product Management. When I think about it, I really did and learned a lot in these months at Krones: I was always involved in internal communication. I procured information, edited it, distributed it, prepared and visualised statistics and analyses, and on the side also helped to create and integrate a SharePoint application for Filling Technology. At this point, I should like to once agan express my thanks for the confidence placed in me and the brilliant support I got!

But I still find myself unable to explain where the time went. I had groped my way from analysis to analysis, from statistics to statistics, from presentation to presentation, from Excel table to Excel table, and from Leberkäs to Leberkäs, and never noticed how quickly it was all going to come to an end. In any case, it’s a pity that this phase of my life now appears to be over. I will, of course, be taking quite a bit away with me, even though I’m referring more to my newly acquired knowledge and experience than to rolls and pretzels.

And whether I’ll get a Bavarian meat loaf roll sent to me in Aachen, I don’t know yet, unfortunately – I would at least be really pleased. But I can say with absolute certainty that my internship was a whole lot of fun, and I’m really happy to have had such an exciting time and to have had so many nice and helpful people around me. With a sorrowful smile, I shut down my laptop one last time, and now there’s nothing left to say except …

Pfiat eich! (This is Bavarian for “Time to say goodbye”)