News from Krones India: regional annual service meeting

Recently we at Krones India had the opportunity to host a very special event: this year’s service meeting was very productive with many engineers and different cultures. As a part of the Krones communications team in India, I had the chance to join them and to capture some moments. As I was very greatful for this insight, I want to share my impressions with you.

Our regional annual service meeting is held in India every year, this year it was in Bangalore, where Krones India is also located. Invitations went out to Krones India engineers and to sales and service employees from Krones Thailand and Krones AG. On 19th and 20th July 2018, more than 50 attendees gathered for the event. I was especially happy that we could welcome teams from different countries, so we could have an exchange between colleagues from Thailand, Germany and India. 

Who was hosting the event?

The International Operations and Services Team (in Short IOS) is one of the departments of Krones India and an integral part of the service department from the Krones headquarter in Neutraubling. From the total of 135 employees at Krones India, 65 employees work in IOS. 

Why do we conduct this meeting?

Quite obviously, the service meeting is a chance to listen to presentations and to meet old and new colleagues. But I think it is very important that it is more than that: It is also a possibility to share and create the strategies for the upcoming years.

What did we do during the meeting?

On the first day of the service meeting, our General Manager Service, Mr. Srikanth Rangaswamy , gave a welcome speech for all participants, followed by LCS Country Manager Mr. David Krimmer and Regional Head-Field Service Mr. Eric Coevoet. We could hear very informative talks on Krones India’s new IOS organizational structure, financial aspects and future developments. Then we had the opportunity to hear a presentation on very concrete topics concerning resources, customer satisfaction and other ways how we can perform in the best possible way. It was very clear that the attendees enjoyed the talks and updates on recent projects and products, and there were numerous questions and helpful discussions.

On the second day the participants experienced a technical workshop about blow moulding technology and Inspection technology.

The participants themselves had a significant role to play as well, of course. All members introduced themselves and provided an overview of their field of expertise.

The aim of this meeting was to get familiar with all aspects and details of ongoing projects and to further develop our services in multiple countries. Also, of course, it was great to get to know one another!

During the meeting all attendees worked together on the development of detailed project plans. They discussed how to ensure efficient communication on projects and how to execute new machine projects and cross-thematic learning.

The meeting was not just talks and workshops. The team also had a social get together, a party on Thursday evening. Overall, this year’s service meeting was once again a highly successful event, and it was great to see everyone back home with a smile on their faces and a lot of new knowledge learned.