News from Krones India: a rendezvous with the CEO

When I mention Information Technology Services – which country do you think of? I’m guessing that for many of you, the answer is India. And you’re completely right, since India really plays an important role in the IT business world. And Krones is no exception.

As this is my first article, let me start with a short introduction of me and my colleagues at Krones India:

Information Management Global Services (India) – in short IMGS (I) – is one of the departments of Krones India and an integral part of the Information Management department at the Krones head quarter in Neutraubling.

Being a shared services department, we have two primary goals: To support all international Krones employees with any IT related services and to be a backbone for the company’s growth and prosperity. From the total of 135 employees at Krones India 30 work in IMGS (I). The other fields are IOS, Sales, Project Sales, LCS Sales, Engineering, Human Resources, Corporate Communication, Finance and IT. We are all in the same building, on the same floor.


Meeting our CEO

Recently we had a great occasion here at IMGS (I): We had the opportunity to have a direct conversation with our leader and CEO Mr. Christoph Klenk – or rather Christoph as he pointed out he would like to be addressed as. During the conversation someone asked: “How do you celebrate success and handle failures?” His answer “I always strive to strike balance between success and failures and never celebrate or brood personally about it”, signified humility. Also he associated the whole Krones family with the company’s success. For me that’s what makes a good leader.        

What he confirmed during our talk is very positive for all of us: Christoph affirmed that the team IMGS (I) successfully managed to optimize cooperation with our German colleagues. While many feared complications in this cooperation in the beginning, this perception has now changed due to the good work that we have successfully completed together. As pointed out by Christoph Klenk we now all know: despite the 6000 kilometers that separate us, we could establish a healthy work environment where we can all cooperate quite easily. It is something that I personally feel very strongly as well: Yes, we are far apart – but we are also so near!

Critical success factor

We are very aware of the fact that this is a great achievement. And we appreciate that the lion’s share of this continual success is based on the efforts and the good work of Mr Holger Blumberg, our Head of Information Management, and his team. They could not be stopped by any cultural and geographical barriers but they kept connecting the two teams and their strategic partnership. I would also like to mention Mr Christian Glassl (from the Information Management team in Neutraubling) at this point as he also participated greatly in creating this team with the strive to thrive.

This past development is our very first and major milestone: we managed to build stepping stones out of the stumbling blocks that we had at first.

This transformation has created a pathway that can motivate many: us, when we take our further steps, but also other colleagues and their international cooperations. For example other supporting departments at the Krones headquarter who can now be more confident in their cooperation with India and who can take a glimpse at the positive outcome.

And to sum up the events and talks from the last weeks, I can say: It was indeed very delightful, honorable and also memorable for the whole IMGS (I) team, to be able to talk to the company’s CEO directly. We very much appreciate this and are thankful for his valuable feedback!