Nǐ hǎo, shop.krones.com!


For Lisa and Michael, my two colleagues from Shop Management, the merry month of May was an entirely Asian experience. The two of them went on very exciting and eventful business trips to Shanghai/Taicang and Bangkok respectively. On the Krones blog, they recall their trips for us, and report on what they experienced out there.

The principal objective was to finalise the rollout of the shop.krones.com in Asia. For this purpose, the key users in China and Thailand were trained directly on the spot for the eShop and the associated support processes.

Lisa, who was in China, spent two days training the Krones staff from Taicang and Shanghai. The participants were a diverse mixture, comprising both local sales staff and colleagues from Materials Management and Order Management. Michael looked after the staff from Bangkok, Thailand.

At both these training events, the initial focus was on the shop’s basic functions. For example, the participants were familiarised with basic functions like registering or order processing. The next subject tackled was the support processes involved in eServices, e.g. what to do if a user has forgotten his/her password.

“The contents communicated were keenly and enthusiastically received by the staff concerned. There is great interest in our eShop in Asia. Plus, of course, there were plenty of suggestions and wishes for new features,” relates Lisa.

“Basically, there’s not all that much difference from the ordering process here in Germany,” comments Michael. “Like in the German shop, the client clicks on the “Order” button or requests a quotation, and thus automatically triggers the complete processes in SAP,” adds Lisa. Here, Krones creates standardised, comprehensive processes, so as to render the entire shopping experience as simple as possible worldwide.

Nor do we need to be patient for very much longer before our clients will be able to place their orders in the Asian shop. The official go-live here is scheduled for the end of July at the latest.

Finally, Lisa and Michael would like to emphasise the incredibly generous hospitality they received and the globalised Krones Family” mindset. The two of them were made to feel very welcome throughout.

And here’s a picture gallery illustrating what the two of them experienced on their trips: