Murder in the brewhouse

Hi, everyone!

In my first blog posting, I should like to briefly introduce my book, the beer-themed detective story “Brauerehre” (Brewer’s Honour”), and (even more briefly) myself. My name is Andi Schröfl, and actually I’m a qualified brewer and brewmaster. So I turned one of my hobbies, brewing, into my profession. My second hobby, reading detective stories, has now been supplemented by writing them.

Personally, I would never have dared to dream that I would ever write a book, let alone that it would be published, and by a well-regarded firm into the bargain. I’ve meanwhile been told by several people that the Gmeiner Verlag publishers in Swabia, who released “Brauerehre” in July of this year, are well-known for their excellent detective novels, and now I’m on its list as well. Incredible but true.

How I came to be writing detective stories is really quite simple. Once again, I was reading a detective story set in Bavaria, and, to be honest, the book was pretty much drivel. And once again, I vociferously expressed my annoyance at ten euros wasted. Whereupon my wife suggested that I should please, please sit down and write a detective novel myself, one that at least I would like, and please, please, please stop moaning and grouching. Anyone who’s married knows that it’s much better to fall in with this kind of request, so I set to work. It took me several years before the novel was finished and I finally (once again at my wife’s behest) plucked up the courage to send my book to two publishers. The Gmeiner Verlag accepted it immediately, while the other publisher rejected the book, saying I didn’t fit in with the rest of their portfolio.

So my novel hit the bookshops on 1 July 2015, and I’ve already done several readings. There are more requests on file, and my live appearances are being quite well received. So we’ll see how I get on. A sequel will appear next July, and I’m working on my third book.

But now about the content:

Alfred Sanktjohanser, nicknamed “ Sanktus”, a brewer and an ex-policeman, returns to his beloved Munich after years abroad in Africa. His elation at being home comes to an abrupt end when he learns that his friend Matthias Kellerer has been killed in a vat of boiling beer at the Sternbräu Brewery in Munich. His former colleagues Bummerl, Schlauchgernot, Malte, Giovanni und Helmut, all of them brewers at Sternbräu, persuade Sanktus to take a job in the brewery again, and as an ex-policeman to investigate incognito with them. They are joined by Katharina, the daughter of the brewery’s director, and Sanktus’ childhood sweetheart. The investigations lead them into the heart of Munich’s brewery scene, then the Oktoberfest, international brewing consortiums, plus some mysterious secret societies. You can expect lots of background featuring beer and the Munich lifestyle. An exciting, interesting and humorous hunt for the murderer takes its course …

Sanktus is a real character, a quintessential Bavarian. He’s dynamic, and yet rooted in his traditions, he’s grouchy and yet a likeable protagonist. He’s simply a totally normal person like you and me. He is definitely not a superhero or a brilliant detective. I think you’ll like him. And for the ladies: there’s a love story as well.

I hope I’ve been able to whet your appetite for the novel, and I would be delighted if you were to read it. I’m always pleased to receive questions, suggestions, remarks and feedback.

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But there are lots of other interesting things to relate, not just detective novels. Following my years in the brewery, I’m now working for Krones in project management. Here, too, there are plenty of tales to tell, about Steinecker, for example, the technology, and, of course, about beer as such. So you’ll be finding something by me here quite often in the future.

Your Andi Schröfl