Moving forward: “Pro” for “Progress”: the new Contiform 3 Pro


Always up to the latest state of the art. Sounds good! And of course, that’s our goal: after all, we want to be able to offer our clients at all times the most really advanced technologies available.

However, the state of the art is one of those things – as we all know it changes. Just as our state of knowledge is in continual flux, influenced by feedback from the machines’ actual operation, new empirical findings, and the clients’ resultant wishes.

What does this mean for Krones?

It’s quite simple: our machine series change, they evolve.

In the case of our stretch blow-moulding machine, this means specifically: the Contiform 3 is now the Contiform 3 Pro!

Here, “Pro” stands for “Progress”, and the Contiform 3 Pro incorporates quite a few design enhancements for our clients’ production operations.

How precisely it can score highly in terms of operator-friendliness, energy-efficiency, flexibility and product quality, this you can find out from Product Manager Robert Aust on 26 October 2015 live on Periscope.

From when will you be able to order the Contiform 3 Pro? What are the delivery times like? Does the new technology fit in with your production operation? Take the opportunity to ask Robert Aust in this live session everything you’re keen to know about the Contiform 3 Pro. We’re looking forward to some exciting dialogues!