Mouthful by mouthful for a Krones alternative

Dayana and Tara are sitting spellbound in front of a bottle of water. Silence. Then one of the girls taps the glass wall with a pencil, and they listen to the bright ringing of the bottle. A brief nod and a look at the monitor suffice – then the experiment goes into Round Two. Dayana adds another mouthful of water, and the procedure begins again. The two teenagers are participants in the Researchers’ Camp. Their mission: “Develop an alternative method for measuring fill levels”.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-10-29 um 11.23.56When a bottle is filled using a Krones machine, X-ray technology ensures an accurate fill level. 15 girls from all over Bavaria are tasked with thinking up an alternative measuring method within four days. Tara Rölz (15) is amazed: “Up to now, I just bought a bottle, opened it and drank. How it’s filled and how difficult it is to fill a bottle – I had simply never thought about it .” Till now. Together with Dayana Kushnir-Barkash, she will now be working hard on her project to the end of the week. The two girls from Regensburg are finding out in the autumn holidays whether a career in engineering is an attractive prospect for them.

The girls participating in the Researchers’ Camp are 15 to 7 years old. They all have one thing in common: they’re interested in a technical career. Now they’re keen to find out whether it’s a job they might enjoy. In conjunction with the training initiative of the Bavarian business community (bbw) and Regensburg Technical College, Krones AG is offering the girls some in-depth insights into research, into university life and into the workings of a large corporation.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-10-29 um 11.24.14The girls are being looked after by Reinhard Milz and Veronika Dillinger. On Sunday, they arrived at the youth hostel in Regensburg. Following a welcome and some lunch, the programme kicked off with some “team bonding”. During a city rally organised by the World Cultural Heritage, the girls got to know each other and the city as well. “Wonderful weather, a lovely city, and quick-witted guests – what more could you want?”, says Seminar Leader Reinhard Milz (bbw). “Now the girls will getting an idea of all the things you have to keep in mind for what seems to be a simple task.”

Bildschirmfoto 2013-10-29 um 11.23.36The project has to be completed by Thursday. The researchers will then give a presentation and explain their solutions to their parents and experts. “I’m already nervous excited when I think about standing up and speaking in front of so many people”, says Tara. There’s a seminar specially included on the schedule to make sure this nervousness disappears by Thursday, In the preparations for the presentation, and in the dress rehearsal, the final uncertainties will be put to rest.