More than just ballpoint pens: the Krones Experts’ Lounge

Masses of give-away pens, brochures and sore feet – that’s what I think of first when I recall the evening of a day spent at a trade fair. And all the innumerable conversations with all the disparate visitors to a fair. And most of them devoted to more or less the very same subject-matter. In fact, when I think about it, apart from some names and faces, and (of course ) a big stack of visiting cards, unfortunately not much remained in memory.

It doesn’t have to be that way – something that Dr. Roland Feilner intends to prove at the Anuga FoodTec in Cologne. And that’s precisely why, in conjunction with Krones AG itself, he’s come up with the idea for the Krones Experts’ Lounge.

This lounge offers an opportunity to discuss a broad variety of topics with other experts in an informal atmosphere, to exchange news and views, to provide information, and give some direct feedback. On a presumptively eleven different topics, specialists from disparate technological lore-lodes of the Krones world will be giving 15-to-20-minute presentations and then inviting everyone present to take part in a dialogue. So instead of numerous individual conversations, the creators of the Experts’ Lounge want to bring all interested parties closer together. This will enable the speakers to deal with the topics concerned in far greater depth – after all, they can utilise models, presentation slides, and other media, and also harness their energy for a single presentation, instead of conducting numerous (well-nigh identical) individual conversations. Thus the presentations will focus on individual exhibits, designed to exemplify the very latest state of the art in terms of research and technology.

Roland Feilner emphasises, however, that even though models and exhibits will be deployed, the intention is “definitely not to showcase only iron and steel”; the focus here will be on the big picture. Not only will the machines be discussed, but also the concomitant challenges, the process technologies involved, with experiential feedback fuelling a dialogue on engineers’ solutions. There will also be an intended side-effect: the idea is to encourage a dialogue not only between the speaker and the participants, but also among the participants themselves. This means clients both present and potential will have an opportunity to discuss challenges and engage in mutual feedback, seeking and finding solutions in conjunction with Krones’ own specialists.

The Krones Experts’ Lounge has space for up to 30 participants; invitations will be issued in the run-up to the event, and also directly at the fair itself. There is no need to register – the organisers will be delighted to welcome any of their clients who decide to (spontaneously) drop by.

The presentations are all centred around the production and filling of sensitive beverages, and will be grouped thematically on each of the fair’s four days. Tuesday, for example, will be reserved entirely for the subject of components, while on Wednesday the focus will be on product quality. After the presentations on Thursday will deal with how to fill sensitive products, Friday will be devoted to innovations in the field of filling valves.

In subsequent blog posts, the speakers of the Krones Experts’ Lounge and their topics will be covered in detail.

You can always find the most recent information on our website for the trade fair.