More than a part-time job: Passion Hostess

At the drinktec, Rosemarie Waschke made sure that in future we know how we should be interfacing with our customers and friends. In their red shirts, the hostesses were responsible not least for ensuring satisfied visitors to the fair. Looking back, the 23-year-old from Augsburg tells us why working for Krones was something rather special for her and what she does in her free time after a day at the fair.

Rosemarie, what do you do when you’re not flitting around the drinktec for Krones in a red polo-necked short?

I’m studying Spanish and French at Augsburg University, and will be graduating this semester. Besides my studies, I like doing some private tutoring, and I work as an interpreter and a hostess.


The drinktec wasn’t your first fair, was it? What other ones have you been to, and what have been your own personal highlights?

Mostly I work at higher-education/job fairs for the training initiative of the Bavarian business community. Every fair, and every new city, is always a fresh experience for me. My absolute highlight, though, has been my jobs abroad, in Madrid, Barcelona and Santander, where I worked at some recruiting events. In the future, I’m looking forward to many more fairs. Besides further higher-education fairs, the first entries in my diary are the Expo Real and the Interlift.

And what are your memories of Krones AG’s performance at the fair?

The job at the drinktec was the nicest one I’ve had in Germany. In contrast to open fairs, the trade visitors were much more pleasant to deal with. Foreign visitors, in particular, were extremely friendly and quite willing to take part in the surveys I was tasked with. Besides the interviews, I enjoyed lots of interesting conversations as well.

Talking to strangers is not everybody’s cup of tea, of course. How did you wind the visitors round your little finger?

I believe my friendly and cheerful approach rubs off on the visitors as well. So they can hardly say no to a survey.

What was special about Krones AG’s participation in the fair and the concomitant involvement of the hostesses?

In contrast to ordinary stands, Krones AG’s was extremely fascinating in terms of its size alone. The visual flair, from the design of the hall to the striking dirndls, fascinated me right from the start. Personally, I believe that this kind of professional ambience, such unusually sophisticated catering, and also the atmosphere between the hostesses and the Krones staff have a beneficial effect on our work. It’s a great honour to work for a globally operating firm like this, and act as its representative.

A day at the fair means a lot of work. What did you do in the evening after a typical day at the drinktec?

Following a typical day at the fair, I just went home to Augsburg. After a one-and-a-half-hour journey and a quick supper, I just wanted to sleep. TV and that sort of thing were not on the agenda, because I was always completely exhausted and everything hurt from all the hours of standing.

What do our readers definitely need to know about what it’s like to be a hostess?

All that glitters is not gold. It’s a tough job, you can’t sit down, you always have to be nice and polite, even when some customers get a bit intrusive. Each day, getting up is harder, because every muscle hurts and your feet are covered in blisters. So you don’t earn your money simply by smiling.

And nevertheless you like your job?

Personally, it’s precisely because it’s tough that I like this job so much. I like pushing myself to the limit, and then a little bit further and working at a fair is hardly ever boring. Being a hostess is extremely important to me, since I’ve always loved foreign cultures and languages. I like the life at the fairs, which is like a small world of its own, makes me feel as if I’m abroad. I can speak my languages there, meet interesting people with fascinating jobs, and also make new friends. I got on extremely well with my team partner, for example: since she’s from Mexico, we could speak Spanish together the whole time, and quickly found out that we’re on the same wavelength. Now we meet up privately as well, and try to coordinate our trade fair jobs with each other.