Share2Act: Modern-day tools for modern-day factories


Thanks to mobile internet, plenty of things have become simpler in recent years: we can spontaneously search for information without any problems, for example, or communicate with people all over the world. In the private sphere, at least, that’s meanwhile taken totally for granted.

At the workplace, though, the mobile internet has so far played a relatively small role. That’s bit odd, really, since it’s precisely here that efficiency is so important. Together with our colleagues at Syskron, we at Krones last year set ourselves to change this. Our goal: to facilitate communication in the everyday workplace environment as well, and thus to render the exchange of information faster and user-friendlier. The field of application here is (of course) the production operations of our clients.

Since the end of 2016, we can now showcase the result of our work: the Share2Act app!

What is Share2Act?

Share2Act is a social media platform developed specifically for companies in the food and beverage industries. It networks all the people, machines and IT systems involved in the production process – and thus gets us a whole lot closer to our goal: you see, the app enables procedures to be streamlined, communication paths shortened, and downtimes reduced.

It groups together all a plant’s information on a central interactive platform. From automatically generated production data to empirical feedback from the staff, a huge array of different contents can be imaged, exchanged, discussed and jointly edited.

The essential idea of Share2Act is to create a digital image of shop-floor reality. This already begins with the platform’s own structure: with the aid of hierarchically arranged production units, a company’s structure can be individually mapped.

In Share2Act, each relevant production unit – the machine, then the line, all the way up to production departments – receives its own timeline, with a chronological listing of events. In addition, these individual timelines are grouped together to form higher-order timelines.

All Share2Act users can (in the same way they’re used to on other social networks) author contributions, depending on the authorisation involved. These posts can comprise text messages, images, videos or files.

Thus Share2Act brings digital, mobile communication into our clients’ production operations. In my next article, I shall then be going into more detail on the benefits it offers and how the app can actually be used. If you want to know more in advance, you will perhaps find what you’re looking for on Syskron’s website – or you can just post your question directly here below the article, and I will then be pleased to answer it as a comment.


You can find the second part of the article right here!