Meeting and encouraging talent

As we all know, all great plans remain just great plans without great execution, timing and a twist of good luck. Currently, my plan at Krones India is to get to know my colleagues better and to find and encourage talented co-workers. For that, I need an efficient platform and communications approach to drive and showcase inside talent.

Opportunity will knock, and we must take it. So let’s open the door of Krones India to identify the sharpest minds and to give them a push to achieve their full potential. I am sure that every single one of my colleagues is gifted and talented in a particular area. Every single one also has individual challenges. But I know that if we are patient take the time to get to know each other, we will eventually see the specific magic on us and get to appreciate each other.

Creativity within the team

I especially like to look for creative talents – because a bright and creative workspace can make employees more productive, lower the stress level and increase wellbeing within the team. Last month I was passing through the offices of our IOS team. Do you know what I found? Innovative creativity by Syed Abdul Mohamed Masood. Let’s talk about his hidden talent – it is a subject for discussion and inspiration alike.

He is a mechanical engineer and part of the International Operations Service team at Krones India. He is from TamilNadu, India. His hobbies are pencil drawing and crafting. Before joining Krones India in 2008, he worked in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. For the last ten years, he has been working in the Krones service department as a Contiform machine expert. As a blowing process engineer, he collects defective bottles that would otherwise end up in the trash.

I want to show you some of his creations, because I was very impressed with what he did with the plastic bottles, preforms and some oil paint. In the photos you can see some experiments and design by my colleague and artist Masood:

In addition to these sculptures, he is also interested in photography – especially in wild life photography. I also want to show a few shots that he took during his travels:


How to use reuse bottles?

Approximately 100 million plastic bottles are used and discarded every day. Masood did some research on the internet and got some thoughtful ideas. He started to work on his artistic ideas and to give a shape to bottles – in form of monuments, like you saw above. He did it for his daughter to beautify the house and to play with it and she started liking the designs a lot, so she made him create more and different shapes. Then, he started to make multiple patterns for his daughter’s school recycle projects. By some means, Masood drew in bottles and in sample preforms which became his hobby. Friends and colleagues love and appreciate his work a lot.

Think before you toss!

If you don’t have an opportunity to separate your waste for recycling, do not throw the beverage bottles out – they might still become a beautiful plastic bottle craft project. So, when you’ve finished your drink, why not use the bottle to make something awesome. I, myself, think that the more I know this sort of creativity – and the easier I capture interesting or pleasurable moments and images – the happier I am!