Masters of the ABCs: the Krones Experts’ Lounge

In the past few weeks, one by one my colleagues have been falling victim to various waves of debilitating disease. And although my immune system is fighting valiantly, I nevertheless react quite nervously to the even the tiniest hint of a sore throat and start hoarding ginger tea, throat lozenges and vitamin bombs. But ingesting enough vitamins through fruits and vegetables is something I find rather difficult – so I prefer drinking a smoothie or two in order to get my proper dosage of the beneficial As, Bs and Cs. The fact, however, that this creamy fruit concoction is not only very helpful in topping up with vitamins but also constitutes rather a big technical challenge has dawned on me only recently. Because the question is: how do all those beneficial vitamins get into the little bottles without being damaged in the process?


Since this is a matter of interest not only as far as smoothies are concerned but also for the growing market of shakes, bubble teas and other “liquid foods”, Krones AG has committed itself to meeting and mastering the challenges involved. The goal here was to find an affordable way of producing fruit beverages with a solids content that is also gentle on the products concerned. The DosaFlex aseptic container station was conceived in answer to these challenges. In view of his relevant expertise, Torsten Runge played a major part in developing this new type of dosing station. After obtaining a degree in process engineering in Hamburg, the graduate engineer has since 1991 been working in plant construction in the dairy industry. As from 2005, he headed the Process Engineering Department at Krones AG until in 2013 a new department called Development Process Technology II was created, where Torsten Runge has been in charge ever since. Drawing on his extensive fund of expertise, he will at the Anuga FoodTec be spotlighting the DosaFlex system in one of the presentations given in the Krones Experts’ Lounge.

In his lecture, the Head of Development will not only be showing how the unit functions, but also be illustrating the multifaceted advantages this new systems offers, while also demonstrating how this new technology may be instrumental in revolutionising the filling process for beverages containing solid particles.

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