Masters of machinery: Trainee at Fair 2015

We, Hannah and Daniel of “Team Technik”, recently met with our mentors for the Brau Beviale 2015, Florian Troidl and Sandra Schindlbeck, and learned quite a lot about we needed to know about the trade fair in Nuremberg.

In order to be properly prepared, we viewed the exhibits concerned with them. Our stand at the fair will showcase a labeller, an inspector and a can filler. We talked to the staff responsible, who explained the special features of each machine to us.

The labeller has been newly developed, and has quite a lot of interesting features to offer. For example, it doesn’t need any columns fro support, thus freeing up more space for brushing on the label. In addition, a new connection for the stations has been incorporated, enabling them to be changed over more quickly.

The inspector is a machine that (as its name implies) inspects glass bottles for damage and residues on and in the bottles.

And last but not least: the can filler: it’s a model for relatively small breweries, since here many of the settings have to be made by hand, which in continuous operation would take up too much time. On the other hand, this model is more affordable.

When talking to our mentors, we also clarified roughly how Krones’ presence at the fair is organised and our remit on the spot. We shall be supporting the team in erecting and dismantling the exhibits, which will demand a lot of multitasking from us. And during the fair itself, we shall be assisting the operators. We’re already looking forward to the tasks ahead, and are hoping for a successful fair.