Management training Chinese-style

Mornings in the training room, afternoons touring the shop floor – a multifaceted programme was provided for the ten participants in the LCS Experts’ Dialogue. At the end of May, they visited Krones in Neutraubling for a week, in order to explore the practical realities behind buzzwords like line optimisation, efficiency and profitability.


In various training sessions, on the line documentation system, for example, and on line analytics, our clients learned how by simple means they can get the best out of their production operation. The group visited a water bottler from the Upper Palatinate and an Austrian brewery where they could view Krones lines in actual operation, thus providing an immediate practical complement to the theory imparted in the presentations. A concept that has proved its worth, opines Alexander Freiherr, LCS Sales China: “The event was a complete success. For us, it was particularly important to foster and upgrade our good relationship. And when you listen to the feedback from the clients, then I think we managed just fine.” The participants, too, enjoyed a responsively diversified week, and were particularly appreciative, they told us, of the opportunities to exchange news and views with their counterparts in the same sector, and to become more closely acquainted with Krones.


The clients from China seen visiting the Murau Brewery in Austria.