“Magnificent”: Krones’ “Pensioners’ Club” visits the drinktec

A large group of former Krones staff demonstrated their deep attachment to their past (in some cases long-standing) employer. Almost 60 members of the Krones “Pensioners’ Club” visited the firm’s stand at the drinktec on the final day of the fair. A specially chartered coach took them from Neutraubling to the exhibition centre in Munich. Here, they had an opportunity to meet up with former colleagues, have a nice chat, but also to bring themselves up to speed on the new products and innovations from “their” company. They still feel a surge of pride when they see the extremely impressive stand, one that dominates the whole fair.

The Pensioners’ Club is an informal group comprising more than 100 retirees from all departments and levels of the hierarchy. The core of the club, numbering around 40 members of both genders, meets up regularly in Neutraubling every four weeks, and organises joint outings. The “boss” of the club, Jürgen Adler, found the word “magnificent” for Krones’ stand at the fair. Old memories were triggered, of how before they retired they had themselves experienced the fun and the stress of the fair. Other retirees from a technical background were more interested in the latest achievements in terms of Krones’ technology and started to talk shop about the machines’ design details. Some of them, too, wondered why they hadn’t thought of some ingeniously simple solutions years ago. Jürgen Adler was with Krones for 46 years; back in 1956, he was the 40th employee that Hermann Kronseder hired. “Not for a second have I ever regretted working for Krones.” Siegfried Lehner, too, a former machinery mechanic, company paramedic and a member of the Employees’ Council, was overwhelmed: “When you look at the firm today, then compared to back then the ratio is one to 100,000. We used to be still welding the finishing touches to the exhibits at the very last second”, he reminisces. “I don’t suppose things are all that different today.”

Over some tasty snacks and a freshly tapped beer, the retirees watched the fair wind down in the staff tent. Executive Board Chairman Volker Kronseder, of course, despite his crowded schedule, insisted on dropping by and chatting about old times. At this family firm, you see, the human factor is right at the top of the priority listing.