Loading doesn’t stop between Christmas and the New Year

Not at Krones AG, it doesn’t. This time it was machines for clients in Mexico and Cambodia. Loaded on 30 December 2015 at the East Harbour in Regensburg. 26 crates and four traverses were gently and safely placed on the river barge Bel Air. The entire loading procedure took only five hours.

Using a river barge for transportation is anything but usual at Krones. It’s quite uncommon, reports Florian Ott, the project manager responsible. Most of the consignments are transported using low-loaders. But due to the large number of crates involved, and the generous amount of time available, for this job it was simply a more convenient choice, he explains. And the mild winter, too, favoured the river barge option.

After New Year, the consignment was shipped on the Danube, Main and Elbe rivers from Regensburg to Hamburg, a voyage that took 14 days. Once they’d arrived in Hamburg, the crates were transferred from the river barge to the large ocean-going ships and embarked on the rest of their journey to Altamira and Cambodia.