Linguistic prodigies investigate the world of trade fairs: Trainee at Fair 2015

We, meaning Veronika and Maria, have been chosen this year to take part in the “Trainees at Fair” programme, and to attend the BrauBeviale in Nuremberg this November.

After graduating from high school, we began our training at Krones to qualify as euro-clerks in September 2013, and are currently in the second year of our training. The training concept for high-school graduates offers an opportunity to combine commercial and language training. Our training schedule is divided into two parts, incorporating both theoretical and practical phases. During the practical phases, we are posted to different departments in the company, so that we get a good idea of how Krones is structured. For example, we’ve already been in the Training Centre, where we organised training courses for our service technicians from all over the world. There were spells, too, at the Academy, the training centre for our clients, or Strategic Purchasing. At the moment, the two of us are working in Sales, to get acquainted with the modalities of selling Krones’ products. So right from the start our remits had an international flavour, and this year we were actually sent abroad.

Only recently, you know, the two of us were posted for 3 weeks to our Belgian subsidiary near Brussels, where we were able to see what working procedures there were like and at the same time brush up our knowledge of French. The time we spent there was very exciting, and definitely a worthwhile experience!

The theoretical part of our training is supplied by the Management College in Regensburg, which we attend in a framework of six ten-week training blocks. There, we are upgrading our foreign-language proficiency in English, Spanish and French, and are being prepared for the industrial clerk exam. We are also taught soft skills in rhetoric courses or sales and behavioural training sessions.

We’re looking forward very much to attending the fair, and using our foreign languages for talking to visitors from all over the world. In the run-up to the fair, we shall already be reporting as the HR Team on the preparations involved, and are eager to find out what tasks are awaiting us!