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For a whole range of different reasons, the following scenario is not all that uncommon: individual machines or lines are no longer being used by the client concerned, but at the same time additional machines are urgently needed at another facility in order to meet the market’s ongoing requirements.

What now? Buy new machines or even entire new lines? While the used, but still fully functional machines have to be sold? Many of Krones’ clients are confronted with these questions. And for this there is in fact a solution that is as plausible as it’s cost-effective: relocating lines or machines no longer being used to somewhere where they’re actually needed.

Krones offers its clients precisely this service. However, this involves not just simply dismantling the machines and re-assembling them somewhere else; it constitutes a very complex process, which I should like to outline below.

Line relocation jobs necessitate experience in dealing properly with Krones’ machines. Our project managers are faced with a rather special sort of challenge here, in which several individual issues merge to form a voluminous whole.

Right from the start, an individually assembled Krones project team with various specialists supports the client by means of professional project management, which includes a customised project plan. In order to determine all the information required for a quotation, the appropriate engineering work has to be done: for this purpose, first of all the as-is status of the line on site and the requisite safety technology are analysed. In addition, the dismantling and re-assembly work is planned, including drawing up layouts for the new location and taking preparatory measures for transport. This subsumes professionally planned packing, and not least the associated documents for assuring a smoothly completed relocation job.

Krones’ specialists from our worldwide facilities then handle dismantling and re-assembly, with the line being re-installed in accordance with ultra-stringent quality guidelines – which are just as rigorous as for new machines. They also look after recommissioning and assuring the line output that’s been agreed with the client.

In the course of a line relocation job, moreover, a multitude of different Krones products can be used, so as to ensure optimum operation of the line at its new home:

The client has an option, for example, to integrate new Krones machines or completely reconditioned pre-owned machines from ecomac at the new location.

LCS retrofits can also be easily integrated into preceding models, enabling production to be run with the very latest state of the art and safety guidelines. The modification work involved is carried out directly at the client’s facility in order to comply with the statutory stipulations for line safety.

Krones also offers clients an option for innovative 3D line visualisation. Using 3D visualisation, a virtual version of the lines is created all the way through to the production facility. Vector graphics, based on images taken with a special camera, offer optimum preconditions for planning future projects, since the client receives as-built documentation.


This complete-coverage support by specialists enables Krones to offer the client an individually customised concept for a line relocation job, developed on the basis of the requirements involved and the client’s own machinery. Professional project planning, moreover, enables risks to be avoided, and the line relocation procedures to be optimised.

If you’d like more information on line relocation, our local Krones sales contact persons will be pleased to hear from you.