Krones expands its range of heat exchangers


At the Anuga FoodTec 2018, Krones AG is currently premiering a tube heat exchanger module operating on the product-against-product principle. With the new modules, Krones is closing a gap in its existing portfolio. Depending on the application concerned, the product-against-product modules enable even higher energy recovery rates to be achieved in the system as a whole than with the field-proven product-against-water modules from Krones.

The new tube modules are three metres long. One of the design’s highlights is the hygienic stainless-steel bellows for length compensation, which enables Krones to dispense with radial seals that may lead to leaks when they cool down. The bellows, by contrast, closes off potential leaks in its cold operating state. Moreover, with its well-nigh unlimited lifetime, it is also maintenance-friendlier than the radial seals otherwise used. Bellows have proved their worth in all the heat exchanger systems so far delivered by Krones. For improved inspections, moreover, the innermost tubes can be withdrawn from the jacket tube.


For milk, tea and juice beverages with a fibre content

The new heat exchanger types are used mainly for thermal treatment of milk and milk-based mixed drinks, plus tea and juices. Since no supports for the innermost tubes are required on the jacket side, products with a fibre content can be handled as well. Krones accordingly uses the new tube heat exchanger module both in the VarioAsept M UHT system for dairy products and in the VarioAsept J for soft drinks.

Since 2007, Krones has meanwhile delivered over 140 tube product heat exchangers for a huge array of different applications. Besides the familiar field-proven cross-corrugated tubes, with the product-against-product modules Krones once more underlines its corporate competence in the field of thermal product treatment.