Krones’ Executive Board member responsible for sales with a euphoric half-time verdict

Half-time at drinktec 2013. The fair’s organisers are talking of a new record for visitor numbers during the first two days. This chimes with the appraisal from Rainulf Diepold, the Executive Board member responsible for sales at Krones AG, whose verdict is well-nigh euphoric.

drinktec 2013 is very different from the last fair in 2009. Back then, the global economic crisis was at its worst, and this was noticeable from the visitors themselves. All of them were worried about what was going to happen next. It was almost unbearable. Today, it’s all quite different, precisely the opposite in fact. There’s a huge, solid foundation in place. All our clients want to invest during 2014; indeed, they have to. The demand that vendors increasingly function as partners as well is gaining steadily in emphasis. Users want to know how they can develop their particular projects more effectively in conjunction with Krones.

How important are for the trade visitors are the innovations on show?

“That’s the second point that comes up very often when I talk to people. Krones scores highly in this regard, since our innovations have been developed in realistic responsiveness to production realities, and are accordingly being more than well received. We have, as it were, read the lips of our clients in conceiving these more than 20 new products; they are an expression of what customers really want to have. We are the partner who’s able to satisfy them by assuming full-coverage responsibility. In these turbulent seas, we’re a lighthouse that helps them arrive safely in the harbour of profitability.

Would you single out one or two exhibits that are arousing particularly keen interest from customers?

Basically, it’s three exhibits I’d like to mention: firstly, the PreBeam sterilisation system, which has been exceptionally well received. Direct printing is a second topic: I’m astounded how professionally our clients are approaching it; it isn’t that they all exclaim “hurrah”, but they do see the opportunities that this process offers for the future. With the ErgoBloc, we’re now running speeds of 80,000 to 90,000 containers an hour for still beverages, on the same footprint. We’re right in tune with contemporary demand patterns here.

How is the process technology developing?

Clients are placing more responsibility on our shoulders when it comes to process technology. That Krones is now offering not only the filling technology, but also the entire process technology complete with pumps, valves, heat exchangers, etc., this is very keenly appreciated, and the expectations for Krones are very stringent indeed. Our philosophy of “one-face-to-the-customer” with three different brains behind it, namely Filling and Packaging Technology, Process Technology and LCS, this is absolutely unique and of major importance for the future.

Are there any major differences in demand between the various regions?

“No, not that I can see at all. The regional offices are full to bursting. I’ve never seen anything like it in the recent past. Krones can here deploy its entire corporate strengths for its customers’ benefit.”