Krones Dragons in action!

Variety is the space of life. Not least for sport groups! You see, while their colleagues in Neutraubling tend to opt for traditional pastimes like football, tennis and badminton, some of our people from Rosenheim can be found regularly afloat. Now they’re keen to tell you about a race contested by the Krones Dragons – and they have some information for anyone interested.

8th Dragon Boat Race held in Rosenheim in 2016

Fantastic weather and Indian-summer temperatures formed the perfect backdrop for this year’s dragon boat race in Rosenheim on 24 September, hosted by the Rosenheim Kayak Club. And this year, too, the “Krones Dragons” were among the participants.

Cheered on vociferously by the numerous spectators, around 900 entrants pushed themselves to their physical limits on the River Mangfall with long, powerful strokes and rhythmical drumming. The principal locale for the Dragon Boat Festival was the section between the Danone dairy and the confluence of the Mangfall and the River Inn.

Over a distance of 250 m and in a time of 1:19.82 minutes, our 16 paddlers, together with our cox, managed to finish 15th out of 60 boats in all, thanks to team spirit and sheer fun-loving exuberance.

Dragon boat races are sporting competitions where the principal focus is on having fun, right in line with the motto:

All in one boat – we do more – all for one and one for all!”

Here you can see some more pictures and there is also a video of our race.

The training, the participation in the race, and the team’s kit this year have all been made possible by the financial and material support from Dr. Schwarz (Business Line Head of Packaging Technology at the facility Rosenheim) and the Employees’ Council in Rosenheim.

And we, the Krones Dragons, would like to take this opportunity to express our most appreciative thanks for this support!

Next year, too, we aim to be back on board with paddles at the ready. So as from Whitsun we’ll be practising hard on Lake Simssee!

In the one-hour training units, paddling technique, stamina and coordination are communicated and practiced under the tutelage of certified coxes from the “Griabigen” team.

If we’ve managed to get you interested in dragon-boating, then for more detailed information feel free to get in touch with our team captain Gerhard Purgaj and the vice-captain Jörg Welker.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you!