Krones’ block technology: authentically miraculous space-savers


Block technology continues to be THE trend in line construction. At the drinktec, Krones will be unveiling a new member in the family: the Modulfill Bloc FS-C, the first Krones filler-seamer block for cans.

Accommodating as many things as possible in as little space as possible – city-dwellers will be only too familiar with this phenomenon from their own (mostly far too cramped) two- or three-room apartments. But food and beverage producers, too, often struggle with space constraints in their production halls. After all, it’s not just that the machines and lines themselves are really gigantic, – other equipment like components for media supply, control cabinets and intermediate conveyors also has to be accommodated in the production area. So the hall quickly fills up, and that, of course, is precisely why clients are seeking solutions for significantly downsizing the footprints of their machines.

Our answer: block concepts! Because thanks to direct concatenation between the individual machines, the conveyors and buffering sections otherwise needed, sometimes several meters in length, can be almost entirely dispensed with. This not only reduces the footprint required, but the capital investment costs as well, of course. What’s more, the block-synchronised systems can in most cases be handled by a single operator.

Block solutions for the wet and dry ends

Krones’ wet-end blocks have proved particularly popular on the market:

  • The Contiform Bloc links stretch blow-moulder, filler and labeller directly to each other
  • The ErgoBloc L is characterised by what is at first glance an unusual process sequence: stretch blow-moulding is followed immediately by labelling, and only then are the containers filled and capped. This avoids the problem of filled containers’ exhibiting different internal pressures – which in its turn might impair the labelling quality.
  • The Contipure AseptBloc is the specialist for bottling sensitive products in PET containers. Its salient advantage: here, it’s not the finished bottles that are sterilised but the preforms beforehand.

But for the dry end, too, Krones offers a suitable solution in the shape of the ErgoBloc D, for packing, grouping and palletising containers.

First Krones filler-seamer block for cans

With the Modulfill Bloc FS-C Krones is expanding its corporate competence in terms of can filling: for the first time, there is not only a can filler, but also a seamer manufactured in-house.

  • The Modulfill VFS-C is a volumetric can filler suitable for both the small and large output ranges. Depending on the container size and format involved, it handles between 18,000 and 135,000 cans per hour.
  • After being filled, the cans are passed to the Modulseam, which applies the lids. In developing this machine, Krones drew upon its long years of experience in the fields of filling and closing technology.

The ingenious bit: both modules are precisely matched to each other – so they work hand in hand. You will find more information bout the new Modulfill Bloc FS-C on our website.

Three block concepts live at the drinktec

The trend towards block-synchronised solutions will also be apparent on Krones’ stand at the fair. There are three innovations waiting for you in Hall B6:

  • ErgoBloc LM for filling still water in the medium output range
  • Contipure AseptBloc E, which sterilises preforms using electron beams
  • Modulfill Bloc FS-C for filling and seaming cans

Just drop by on our stand at the fair; we’re looking forward to welcoming you!