KIC Krones expands its product range – One-stop shop for consumables

Breweries and beverage plants all over the world are seeking complete-range vendors, so as to avoid interfaces. This also applies to all consumables that assure reliable functioning of the lines concerned. KIC Krones has now responded to this demand, and expanded its product range accordingly. Hitherto, KIC Krones was known as a vendor of Krones colfix adhesives for container labelling. At the drinktec, the company has now for the first time unveiled lubricants, too, plus cleaning agents and disinfectants. 

Greases, oils, sprays and lubricators have been grouped together under the product designation of Krones celerol. Conveyor lubricants, foam cleaners, additives and all cleaning agents and disinfectants are being sold under the new name of Krones colclean. “Krones has developed its own recipes for all the consumables in this product range, and matched them precisely to the needs of the process technology and filling lines involved”, emphasises Dr. Bernhard Unrecht, Technical Manager Cleaning Agents and Disinfectants. “All high-tech consumables have been tested and approved by Krones”, adds Dr. Florian Menacher, Product Manager Lubricants.

In the case of aseptic lines, for example, the consumables are in any case specified very precisely, so as to assure functional efficacy. “The logical consequence is that Krones is able to supply these products itself as well, says Dr. Unrecht. “Krones thus assumes direct responsibility for operation of the line, without an interface to a third party.” By eliminating this interface, he also sees time gains in terms of line installation and shorter ramp-up times. “Using the wrong lubricants can result in damage to the machines and longer downtimes”, explains Dr. Menacher. “We avoid this by using consumables that are optimally matched to the machines and lines concerned.”

Now that supplies of adhesives, lubricants, cleaning agents and disinfectants have all been grouped together in KIC Krones’ product portfolio, the beverage industry will in future be able to purchase all its consumables from just one defined vendor. This aspect of the one-stop shop for consumables was particularly well received by international visitors to the fair.