KIC Krones: consumables from one single source

Sustainedly maximised performance can be achieved in production operations only if all details interact to optimum effect. These include not only the machinery itself, but also the processing materials. KIC Krones is a can-do partner for labelling and packaging adhesives, cleaning agents, disinfectants and lubricants.

As a member of the Krones Group, KIC has since 1978 been developing and selling adhesives for labelling and packaging applications. To extend the product range, cleaning agents, disinfectants and lubricants have recently been added to the portfolio.

We talked to Stephan Maschke, KIC Krones’ Managing Director, about the firm’s history and its current operations.

Mister Maschke, what exactly is KIC Krones?

KIC Krones is a full-coverage vendor for processing materials in the beverage industry. We offer responsively efficacious solutions for sustainedly maximised line performance. The recipes are precisely matched to the requirements of Krones’ machines.

What are the advantages of this for the customers?

A lengthy useful lifetime and optimised maintenance costs for the lines concerned; and here,  we  – KIC Krones – are underlining Krones’ declared status as a “One-Stop Shop”.

What processing materials does KIC offer?

Under the Krones colfix brand, KIC offers labelling and packaging adhesives. Krones colclean stands for cleaning agents, and Krones celerol for lubricants.

How has KIC developed in recent years?

We have expanded our product range to include cleaning/disinfecting agents and lubricants, thus securing our growth opportunities for the future of KIC Krones. At the same time, by extending our product portfolio we are meeting the wishes of our customers.

What does the drinktec mean for KIC?

As a supporter in the corporate matrix of Krones AG, trade fairs in general are very important for us. The drinktec is the premier trade fair for us as well: here, we shall for the first time be showcasing our capabilities as a complete-range vendor of processing materials, and proving to our customers that our very extensive product portfolio enables us to meet their specific wishes.