Juices have feelings too: the Krones Experts’ Lounge

Simply to be left in peace – we’re not the only ones who wish that sometimes: fruit juices are not that different. Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy: after all, they have to be treated in a variety of different processes before they end up in consumers’ hands as high-quality beverages. This problem is just one of the topics that will be addressed in the Krones Experts’ Lounge at the Anuga FoodTec. The overall concept of the lounge has already been described, and as announced the individual speakers and their topics will now be introduced.

Dr Roland Feilner’s role here goes beyond simply organising the Krones Experts’ Lounge. As Head of Product Management in the Business Line for Soft Drinks, Dairy and Water, he also volunteered to give presentations on two newly developed capabilities themed around product quality.


The subject of his first presentation is “Vacuum deaeration of sensitive juices: a necessary evil or a manageable process?” Here, he will be addressing the problems involved in finding the right path between the necessary deaeration of sensitive juices and the mandatory need for gentle, taste-preserving treatment. On the one hand, vacuum deaeration is necessary in order to assure efficient filler performance and low oxidative impairments. On the other hand, fruit juice producers see a risk that it’s precisely this process which will endanger the aromas of their juices. As an answer to this problem area, Dr Feilner will be spotlighting the VarioSpin system developed by Krones, which enables thermodynamic and transport-specific causal relationships to be utilised and the process for each product involved to be controlled for specifically maximised efficacy. This means that high-speed production of top-quality beverages with maximised oxygen reduction is being targeted – coupled with minimised loss of aroma.

Dr Feilner’s presentation will be right in line with the basic concept of the Experts’ Lounge:

a brief presentation with abundant time for discussion and mutual feedback. And even though the VarioSpin as an exhibit is the principal focus here, the entire engineered solution will be covered, with all its challenges, opportunities and empirical feedback.

In the video, Dr. Roland Feilner explains the VarioSpin system: (in German)


In his second presentation, Dr Feilner will again be dealing with how to preserve product quality when treating sensitive fruit juices. His title is “Measures for achieving product-friendly fruit juice processing”. Here, too, the task is to identify the right path between the requisite thermal product treatment and gentle processing. In order to create microbiologically stable products, thermal treatment is indispensable. With the shell-and-tube heat exchanger developed by Krones, this is possible both on a reduced footprint and with product-friendly stress downsizing, since the smaller size of the unit concerned enables the dwell time to be shortened, with concomitant gains in gentleness. Dr Feilner will also be spotlighting a new analytical option for detecting the stress involved. These results enable adjustor options to be identified in the process, which can then be optimised for maximally gentle treatment.

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