InnoDays 2019 – our solutions for tomorrow’s world

Fanning enthusiasm, looking into the future, and being proud of ourselves as a team: this year, too, the InnoDays 2019 spotlighted some up-to-the-future ideas on which our colleagues are currently working – with great success.

For two days, synergised inventiveness suffused the premises of the new Academy – and this was immediately palpable as soon as I entered the exhibition space. This year, too, our most recent developments were the focus of the InnoDays, an internal exhibition that Krones’ staff organise for their colleagues. The InnoDays offer an annual platform for mutual feedback on precisely these up-to-the-future developments and ideas, for talking shop, and for finding out what our neighbouring departments are actually working on.


Innovation and team spirit

Artificial intelligence, robotics, digital twins, circular economy – buzzwords that at Krones have long since been a lot more than just abstract terms, but have already been step by step filled with life, nourished with good ideas and innovative technology. Whether it’s the compact water treatment system for home use, a multi-purpose mobile robot, or an option for beaming yourself by means of virtual reality to the same machine, despite a huge topographical distance – the exhibition provided experiential evidence of innovation, digitalisation and artificial intelligence capabilities for the visitors. And who could explain an invention better than the project team itself?

Here, over 50 topics themed around the very latest inventions and ideas were spotlighted – from artificial intelligence and the very latest Cloud solutions all the way through to a self-communicating robot gripper – and comprehensibly explained for everyone interested. Mutual feedback was a primary focus of the exhibition. On Monday morning, Prof. Dr. Peter Hofmann inaugurated the two-day exhibition together with Executive Board member Ralf Goldbrunner – emphasising the salient goals of the InnoDays:

“For two days, we aim to highlight the up-to-the-future ideas our R&D people have been working on during the past year. I see two major priorities here: firstly, we want to make a contribution towards showing all our colleagues the fascinating solutions on which we’re all working, and thus make them all even a bit prouder of Krones – and of participating in a team that is mastering such exciting technologies and is able to create globally respected solutions for our clients. Secondly, we also aim to encourage people to look forward with confidence and to work together with colleagues to assure our company’s future.”

InnoDays Award: the best stand

This year’s InnoDays also produced a winner: the visitors singled out the stand themed around “Intelligent mechatronic modules” as the best one on show. Thomas Kellhammer and his team showcased intelligent modules for interlinking mechanical equipment and digital data, as exemplified by a milling machine. All in all, the InnoDays were a complete success this year too. You were unable to be there in person? Then experience the InnoDays in our video review.