In togetherness is strength


Does it sound to you like a New-Age self-help bromide or the ubiquitously clichéd election propaganda of a rather unimaginative politician? If so, then I can’t really blame you. By now at the latest, though, it’s time to fill the voguish community pathos of “In togetherness is strength” with new content, and above all to redefine it adequately. And what could exemplify the veracity of this slogan more appositely than the Krones Contiflow and the Krones fillers from the Modulfill series?

For years now, the Contiflow mixer and the Modulfill filler have been proving themselves an outstanding team: the Contiflow is installed upstream of the filler, and supplies it with the product concerned. Both still and carbonated beverages can be produced in the Contiflow mixer, and are then passed without any detours to the filling valves. Consummate teamwork!

And it’s precisely this interactive dovetailing that’s the biggest advantage here: everything involved is single-sourced. As a one-stop shop, Krones supplies all the requisite equipment, which reduces unnecessary interfaces to a minimum, so the client can finally put the kit into operation swiftly and cost-efficiently.

The synergised efficacy of the two Krones products, however, provides plenty of additional advantages, guaranteeing the client a smoothly running production operation and optimum product quality:

  • The product remains sparkling and tingling throughout, since the beverage is transferred gently from the Contiflow mixer to the Modulfill filler, and doesn’t lose any CO2.
  • The mixer can adapt itself to match the filler’s production speeds, which enables us to reduce product losses from stopping and restarting the filler.
  • When different products are to be handled, the two components can be swiftly changed over, since the LineXpress function speeds up this routine considerably.

… and last but not least, thanks to the teamwork of the Contiflow and the Modulfill, the client saves a whole lot of money … and nerves.

The Contiflow and the Krones Modulfill filler – two components that complement each other to consummate perfection. That sounds like an authentic success story, wouldn’t you agree? If we’ve now whetted your curiosity, and you’d like to learn more about it, you’ll find further information here.