“In suco veritas” – In juice there is truth

A glass of wine a day is good for your health. A claim that has stubbornly retained its credence. Irrespective of whether this has ever been medically confirmed, many epicures and wine-lovers firmly believe it. As does Giorgeo Zanlorenzi, Managing Director of the eponymous Brazilian company for wine and juice – and he’s even going one step further. But one thing at a time. 

130 years ago, the Zanlorenzi family emigrated from Italy to Brazil – and fortunately brought their passion for good wines with them. In the 1940s, one of the sons set up a small wine merchant business. A lot has happened since then: the Famiglia Zanlorenzi company nowadays produces around 20 million litres of wine a year.

What’s more, Managing Director Giorgeo Zanlorenzi, who represents the third generation, came up with a brilliant idea – namely to produce juice as well as wine. It was brilliant because it’s been scientifically proven that grape juice has a similarly beneficial effect on human health to wine. Only that grape juice contains no alcohol, of course, and thus appeals to a different, larger target group. Fortunately, even back then the family firm was already operating, among others, two Krones lines. So in terms of technology, expanding the portfolio to include juice bottling was a piece of cake for Krones.

PET containers for the juice

The demand on the market vindicated Giorgeo Zanlorenzi’s decision. Because the grape juice was selling so well, he added apple juice to the portfolio. There’s an apposite motto there, too: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But when it came to child-friendly cartons fitted with a straw and to juices filled in glass bottles, the company soon came up against the limits of its capacity. Which is why Giorgeo Zanlorenzi took another wise decision: juice in glass bottles, yes, stay with it – but sell it in PET containers as well.

Complete confidence

When it came to the PET line, the decision was not a difficult one: here, Zanlorenzi opts unequivocally for the block solutions from Krones. Why? Firstly, because the family firm had already been more than satisfied with its two existing Krones glass lines. Secondly, because our blow-moulder/filler block scores highly in terms of product-friendly filling in particular, thanks not least to its preform sterilisation system. And thirdly, because relations with Krones’ staff in Brazil and Germany had evolved into a real partnership, as Giorgeo Zanlorenzi explains: “We have to be able to absolutely trust our vendors, and that we can certainly do with Krones. They supply the best machine quality in the world.”

If you’re interested in what our Contipure technology can do and all the things Famiglia Zanlorenzi is planning for the future with Krones as its partner, then you can read about all that in the Krones magazine and here in our references.