Improved service capabilities thanks to AR

Digitalisation is basically on everyone’s lips – and that almost all the time. What people talk about less often is the specific added values that digital solutions will actually offer their users. This is why it’s particularly important for me to demonstrate just how Krones clients can benefit from new, digital applications by giving you an example.

Krones is currently expanding its portfolio not least in the field of its Lifecycle Service Support, and is now offering assistance by means of Smart Glasses as a fully integrated product – a service called Argos.

Soon visitors of the BrauBeviale can gain some “eyes-on” experience with these Smart Glasses. For all of you who can’t make it to the fair, this video will explain what’s actually involved here:


What exactly is Argos, and what purpose does it serve?

In addition to the telephone and remote support that will be continued, the Augmented Reality Support offers immediate assistance at the client’s machine by a Krones support specialist through an audio-visual link – as if that specialist were directly on the spot in the client’s production hall. In this way, the Krones employee concerned can get an accurate impression of the situation involved across any distance, and issue properly targeted instructions, e.g. in order to remedy a particular fault.

The application used in the back-end and on the client’s data glasses is a web-based one. This supports the customer in real time and through various audiovisual functions in troubleshooting.

Needless to say, our team will continue to work on upgrades for Argos, so that even more functions will be added in future – for this, by the way, the feedback we’re given by customers and visitors to the fair is especially valuable.

Methodology and advantages

We’re particularly flexible when it comes to fitting the Smart Glasses – we can base this on our clients’ expressed wishes. The basic package includes a safety helmet for our customers.

While support is ongoing, clients decide together with Krones whether assistance via Argos is conducive to reaching the goal in question. If the service is then utilised, all activities and information are also documented in Krones’ ticket system, and made available to the client in a complete package after the support routine has been concluded.

Because Argos is part of the digital product portfolio at Krones LCS Support, it can be purchased as an add-on to a valid support agreement – always on the precondition that there is a fit-for-purpose internet link.

In this case, the Argos basic package contains the corresponding glasses, plus the associated licence for utilisation of the system. By acquiring additional licences (can be booked individually), the system can likewise be utilised autonomously by the clients with more of their own suppliers.

You’ve still got some more questions? Please post these in the comments, or get in touch directly with your sales contact person – if you’re at the BrauBeviale next week, you’ll find more detailed information in Hall 7A.