Ideal for small and mid-tier breweries: the Kosme Barifill beer filler

The compact Kosme Barifill with Krones VKPV valves is ideal for small breweries. Versatility, quick and easy format changeover and a very user-friendly design are some of the outstanding features of the new Kosme filler series which delivers top quality results in any filling operation.

Roland Ruckriegel, Department Manager, Sales Southern and Eastern European, reveals what customers think about the new system.

20130917_drinktec_IP_ST_0005Roland, as a member of the Sales organisation, you are in daily contact with customers. What have you been hearing from customers in your region who are using the Kosme Barifill?

A number of mid-tier breweries and bottlers in my customer base are currently using the Kosme Barifill. They are all highly satisfied. They had been looking for a reliable, state-of-the-art filling system with investment and maintenance costs which are affordable for a mid-tier company. The Kosme Barifill was the obvious choice.

You mentioned “state-of-the-art technology”. What are the special technical features of the Barifill?

To cite one example, the VKPV is ideally suited for filling beer. Multiple pre-evacuation steps and bottle rinsing with ring bowl gas keep oxygen uptake during filling to a minimum. Willibald Koller, Managing Director of the Spital brewery in Regensburg, replaced the old filler with a Barifill. He said that after making the change, he has seen a definite quality improvement. The oxygen content in the beer and the neck of the bottle is significantly lower, which enhances the freshness of the beer. Michael-Andreas Schönharting, proprietor of Schlossbrauerei Eichhofen, is equally satisfied. “We were previously using a long-tube filler. The short-tube filler with double pre-evacuation is now state-of-the-art and there simply isn’t anything better.”


That sounds very positive indeed. In your opinion, is there any other compelling argument which speaks in favour of the den Kosme Barifill?

There are many other reasons why the Kosme Barifill is highly attractive for mid-tier companies. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the “little” Barifill is based on the same functionality and technology as the “big” Krones filler. In addition, fast, dependable after-sales service is provided in my region directly from Neutraubling.