Human resources marketing – looking for new talent

How can an employer brand be anchored in the minds of potential applicants? How do you make sure that prospective recruits apply to precisely this particular employer? And what has all this got to do with demographic change?

In human resources marketing, it is these and similar issues that have to be addressed. Vacant jobs and trainee slots need to be filled with the right applicants. In view of ongoing demographic trends, however, it’s becoming progressively more difficult to find suitable staff. Properly qualified applicants are carefully choosing their prospective employers, the average age is rising, the pool of potential recruits is shrinking. In addition, working conditions and employee expectations are changing. Which means that human resources marketing is gaining in perceived importance, and has new challenges to face. In future, foresightful thinking will be imperative, so as to meet the demand for human resources in the specialised departments.

How is Krones AG aiming to cope with demographic change, a shortage of managerial staff, and Generation Y? We asked Carola Unterländer: since January 2011, she has been responsible at Krones AG for human resources marketing and applicant management.

Ms Unterländer, in times of demographic change, will it become more difficult to find talented recruits?

In the future, it’s certainly not going to get any easier to find the right staff. After all, there are fewer potential recruits now, and the average age is rising. We’re still able at present to fill our vacancies with really good people. One of the questions arising here is how much time we will have to invest in searching for them.

Are there any differences between trainees, graduates fresh from university, and recruits with career experience? And if so, what are they?

Yes, when it comes to “demographic change”, it always depends on which target groups we’re addressing. With our trainees and university graduates, we don’t have any serious problems yet, fortunately. With professionally experienced recruits, things may get a bit more difficult. What we’re usually doing with this target group is looking for very specific substantive specialisms. When we’ve found someone with the right professional qualifications, they may still not be prepared to relocate to a different region, for instance.

Is this why Krones AG is trying to upgrade the attractiveness of its facilities?

Indirectly. We can’t actively alter our facilities, such as Neutraubling/Regensburg, of course. But we do plan to spotlight and publicise the attractiveness of our facilities more emphatically. We haven’t yet finalised precisely what this is going to look like, but it’s definitely going to be interesting.

Part of your remit is developing concepts for recruitment, isn’t it? Employer branding and Generation Y are the major buzzwords here. How does Krones approach these?

Krones utilises different media to address different target groups. The social media, for example, are very fit for purpose. Firstly, we can support the establishment of an employer brand, and secondly, we can also address the generation concerned directly. After all, they’re very receptive to the internet and mobile communication. Human resources marketing is here the “beneficiary” of the social media activities organised by our social media team.

You also maintain contacts with universities and career centres. So what’s the next event where prospective employees can learn more about Krones?

In November, for example, we shall be shall be participating in the Hoko at Munich University and at the Campus Career Day organised by Flensburg Technical College. You can find the details of all other scheduled events on our career website, in the event diary. We’re already looking forward to welcoming the visitors.

You’re interested in a career at Krones? Here’s the link for the event diary: