Hotshots investigate: Trainee at Fair 2015

“Too many cooks spoil the broth” is a popular saying. And in some cases there may certainly be some truth in it. But what if you were asked to cook not just broth, but a large, sophisticated banquet?

Might it then perhaps be helpful if a few experienced cooks got together to assist each other? Especially if each of these cooks can contribute his/her own distinctive individual skills and knowledge?


Unfortunately, I can’t tell you precisely how things are done in a restaurant kitchen – I have more experience with eating their food than cooking it. But the preparations and planning for a trade fair are not all that dissimilar as will become clear in the upcoming weeks and articles at the latest.

Because then, you see, I shall together with eight of our trainees be tracking the preparations for the BrauBeviale 2015 in Nuremberg – and finding out who does what there. Because just like specialists in different cuisines, our trainees also have completely different talents, interests and careers – hotshots all of them.

Together with euro-clerks, sandwich course students, an industrial clerk and electronics engineers with Profile 21, here in the blog during the weeks ahead there will be opportunities to get acquainted with four different subject categories:

Maria and Veronika, for example, our cosmopolitan polyglots, will be investigating HR issues themed around the BrauBeviale: who is involved in a fair like this? Who is in charge of live events? And who does what in the background?

The focus is more on the technical side of things with Benjamin and Michael – the two of them constitute the LCS Team – with a fine opportunity to demonstrate their qualities as team players and discoverers. In our globalised supply matrix for spares and service support, they encounter a whole lot of wanderlust and adventure and have plenty of tales.

Daniel and Hannah, in their turn, are genuine multi-taskers: they will be keeping an eye on all our exhibits at the fair simultaneously, and as the Technology Team will be taking a look behind the scenes.

And our Sales Team constitutes an ideal mixture of desk and workbench environments: Jessy and Alex, as discoverers and multi-talents, are the interface between the hall and the clients, and will without a doubt have an exciting time!

Are you now curious to see what the trainees are going to find out? And how they themselves fit in with the “fair cooks”? Then it’ll be worth your while to follow the next articles, where the eight hotshots introduce themselves – and also explain what they’re particularly looking forward to.