Hands-on experience of R&D – as a trainee at Krones AG

How time flies: very soon, as a technical product design trainee, I shall again be scheduled for my next transfer to a new department. I’ve already assisted the permanent staff in the design offices for labellers and filling technology. I have spent the last few months in R&D, the centre of Krones AG’s latest research and development work. During this time, I was lucky enough to get involved in lots of exciting projects, and was able to demonstrate my technical awareness. I should like to explain more precisely what has made my time as a trainee in the R&D Department so special:

I acquired useful insights into the flow-optimising design of valve components, and performed lots of physical and flow-mechanical calculations with the aid of EXCEL tables. Design work is preceded by measurements of various experimental parts and installation spaces, and by creating hand-drawn sketches, which was also part of my remit. I got to carry out numerous design projects on modified and new components and thus improve still further my skills in using the Solid Edge ST6 CAD program. I created sets of drawings and in addition to the semi-finished products also specified the accuracy with which the parts have to be manufactured in order to assure the desired functionalities.

My absolute highlight was this: I was responsible for dimensioning and designing a heat exchanger. I calculated the pipe length that’s needed for achieving the desired cool-down temperature. The requirements for the installation space were not only compliance with size of the cool-down section, but also ensuring easy hose connections at the supply and return fittings of the heat exchanger. The associated piping components likewise had to be specified. So I also expanded my knowledge of pipe construction. Throughout the entire planning and design process, I was expertly supported and learned a lot about numerous facets of machinery and equipment manufacturing.

In all the departments I’ve been posted to so far, I was integrated completely into the processes involved. This has enabled me to continually expand my fund of specialised knowledge, and gain abundant experience.

Now the 3rd year of my training has begun, and I’m looking forward to some more exciting and instructive times as a trainee at Krones AG.