“Green” labelling technology is a future-friendly dynamic

“Dressing containers is in the widest sense of the word advertising. Which means it’s dynamic. And labelling always follows the zeitgeist”, opines Stefan Richter, Divisional Manager Labelling Technology at Krones AG, when unveiling two innovations at the drinktec. “That’s why it’s particularly important to ensure that investments in machinery remain future-friendly. This is the primary focus of our portfolio.”

20130917_drinktec_IP_ST_0071Stefan Richter describes labelling competence as a synthesis of application, consistently high labelling quality, human-engineered design and a “green” consumption situation. The newly developed Ergomatic series will in the medium term replace the field-proven table-top machines like Starmatic, Prontomatic or Solomatic. “Our approach was to build an ergonomically enhanced cold-glue labeller that later on can at need be converted into a modularised machine, simply by additionally mounting a docking station that can be installed quite simply at the user’s facility. This renders it future-friendly, since the client can easily adapt to changing situational conditions.”

If you already know you’re going to be needing not only cold-glue stations, but other labelling processes as well, then the Ergomodule is the right choice for you. “It offers an exceptionally high degree of flexibility, provides substantially better accessibility than its predecessors, and is compactly dimensioned”, says Stefan Richter. “Thanks to the linear motor, the new wet-glue station doesn’t need any oil in the gear unit. This means the machine is no longer susceptible to the effects of cleaning water. We have significantly improved the ergonomics: make-ready times and change-overs are now substantially shorter and easier to perform. So we’ve quite generally optimised the man-machine interface.”

The “green” thing about the labeller is this: consumption of power, compressed air and lubricant has been very significantly reduced under the enviro concept, with a direct drive, servomotors and elimination of a gear unit. “With these two labeller families we’re demonstrating our labelling competence all across the board”, affirms a confident Stefan Richter.