Global Remote Service: maximum-security digitalisation

In the shape of the Lifecycle Service “Support” product, Krones’ clients have a central contact point for the technical customer service: here they get the answers they need to all questions regarding their lines and machines. Krones provides support by telephone and also a Remote Service capability, so as to remedy faults and malfunctions as quickly as possible – 24/7 and with a proven track record of success.

In order to meet our own stringent standard of quality, substantial investment has been channelled into expanding and upgrading our support capabilities. Security plays a crucial role in this context for both the client and Krones itself.

This why we have radically modernised the platform for the Remote Service: under the name of GRS (Global Remote Service) we have created our own platform, which enables and standardises worldwide communication between our support specialists and the machines or machine components at our client’s facility.

The GRS platform is a holistic state-of-the-art platform centrally managed by Krones, and constitutes the basis for remote monitoring and maintenance of our clients’ lines in full conformity with the very latest standards of security.

What are the salient features of the GRS platform?

With GRS, Krones provides finely-meshed access monitoring, since the platform always accesses only the particular machines or services required in any one case. The client himself has the relevant key. This means that a connection to the client’s machine can be established only by mutual agreement and after the client has given his approval.

Particularly high priority is accorded here to the traceability of each and every access operation – the connections are protocolled in detail, and linked to the support ticket concerned.

Krones insists on the most stringent of standards when it comes to security:

  • State-of-the-art-protocols and encryption
  • Developed specifically for our sector to meet the requirements of DIN EN 415-10
  • Secure two-factor authentication for the technician to log on to the platform
  • Password policy for assuring high password quality
  • Professional operation und specialised technicians: regular training courses ensure a high standard of security
  • IT operations of Krones AG certified in conformity with the internationally recognised ISO/IEC 27001 standard


For further information, just talk to our support specialists at the drinktec 2017. They will be pleased to advise you in detail.