From training to a career – starting with CRD Direct Print


Since 30 June 2016, we, the former trainees in technical product design, can finally call ourselves fully-fledged skilled workers. After passing our final exams, we were of course delighted. Together, we are now looking back on three wonderful years of training, during which we were able to develop our specialist skills and progress our personal growth, while having a lot of fun together along the way, of course. Now we’re also receiving our graduation diploma and our long-awaited craft proficiency certificate and are ready for the next step – beginning our actual careers.

Ever during our traineeships, we had a chance to work in Krones AG’s design offices, since from the second year of our course we were assigned to a different department every three months, in order to familiarise ourselves with how things are done at Krones. While we were working in the departments, we were able to use the theory and practice we learned during our traineeships and at vocational college, and deepen it as well. This combination is vital to the high quality of training that Krones provides: right from the start, even as a trainee, you are integrated into the firm’s multifarious processes – an important step for guaranteeing a flawless transition into your actual career. I personally, during my time as a trainee, was assigned to Labelling Technology Design, Filling Technology and Research & Development.

Now that I’ve completed my training, I’ve been assigned to the CRD Direct Print Department. The focus here is on the DecoType – a system that enables containers to be printed on directly. Technical advances in the field of labelling enable entirely new designs to be created for containers, since the inkjet process means the ink can also be applied to areas not otherwise amenable to labelling. The focus here is on products that are characterised by individuality, catch the eye, and thus stand out from the crowd. There are currently two types of direct printing machine: the DecoType R (a rotary direct printing machine) and the DecoType C (intermittent machine).

I’m looking forward to an exciting time with lots of challenges!